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The Key That Unlocks Everything!

If I could give you one key, and only one key to a more abundant life, I would give you a sense of your own worth, an unshakable sense of your own dignity as one grounded in the source of the cosmic dance, as one who plays a unique part in the unfolding of the story of the world…    ~ Greta Cosby

A common theme with so many people is they feel like they are not smart enough, good enough or worthy of what they want in life. I hear this over and over again and the hardest part it is that my clients have carried this far too long, not knowing how to change it or worse yet, believing they can’t change it.

The beliefs we carry are learned behavior from the past experiences in our life. Many of those were learned when we were too young to know better and or had the maturity to look at it differently. We automatically carry them into our adulthood and after a while the mind will look for all the ways it is true. But guess what, when you begin to believe you are enough, your mind will begin look for all the ways that is true, as well.

We tend to think that the process of making deep seated changes requires a lot of work and takes a long time. At one time I thought that too, but the more work I did on myself and with others, I realized that we make it much harder than it needs to be. A key factor in making changes is the willingness to have an open heart and mind to look deep inside and make a decision to heal what needs healing so we can let the old beliefs go.

Inspired Action: The Key to Self Worth 

What are the beliefs that you carry that no longer serve you?

Which ones keep reoccurring in your mind?

What needs healing in order for you to let go?

What would you rather believe about yourself?

Self worth is a key issue that so many struggle with for long periods of time. Give yourself a gift and take a step to move out of that belief system.

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New Coaching Option: I offer Pin Point coaching sessions that are a hour and half phone session or two 45 minute phone sessions that help people get started and gain traction in one area of life. Sometimes everyone needs a boost to get pointed in the right direction and gain momentum to move forward. Check out the details here



Every part of ourselves and our lives are in constant motion. ~ Sandy Thibault

Last week in my blog post, I said that our ability to transform what life has given us is our greatest skill and most treasured asset. Our world and our lives are in constant change and when we have the ability to move through it with ease and grace, it is a gift to our own well-being.

We tend to be more accepting of change when we view it as positive and clearly beneficial to our lives. But even then, it is often a mixed bag of emotions from fear to joy and everything in between, as we venture into something new.

When we view what happened as negative or sad, or perhaps it came as a complete surprise, it is harder to accept and see the blessing in it. It is our human nature to try our best to make meaning of it, but often we get caught up in fear or sadness and end up in spinning in circles as we try to figure it out. That is why it is so important to learn recognize when it happens and then be able to transform it and take a step forward. This is what my new book is about; helping YOU navigate life with ease.

For me, 2017 was a year full of changes, some anticipated and some surprises. My job as a Ministry Coach was eliminated, I transformed my coaching business, started writing a new book, my husband retired and we are spending two and half months in Florida near the ocean, our kids and of course, our lovely granddaughter. This was a lot of change and a mixed bag of emotions that I found myself getting stuck in. Authenticity is something I value and it means that my words and actions need to match. So as I coach, if I am to help others, I need to practice what I teach! Over time, I have developed and used the process below as a way to begin to transform where you are, to where you want to be.

Inspired Action: STOP – PAUSE – REFLECT – TAKE A STEP 

STOP: When there is constant motion in our body or mind, we can’t get the needed perspective to make a change. Find a quiet place where you can be reflective and not interrupted.

PAUSE: Breathe, breathe and breathe some more. Put the phone away, turn off any media and allow your pulse and breathing to quiet. I also found that coloring helps to center people and bring a quieter state of mind.

REFLECT: With journal in hand or a piece of paper, write down what is happening in your life right now that is causing issues for you. I find it helpful to write it down so you can see it on paper.

TAKE A STEP: Decide what small step you can take forward and then do it.

New Coaching Option: I offer Pin Point coaching sessions that are a hour and half phone session or two 45 minute phone sessions that help people get started and gain traction in one area of life. Sometimes everyone needs a boost to get pointed in the right direction and gain momentum to move forward. Check out the details here

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Are You Excited To Start 2018?

“Our ability to transform what life has given us into something positive and meaningful, becomes our greatest skill and most treasured asset. “ Sandy Thibault

I’m excited for the new year because it is a chance re-focus on what we want in the coming year. Because I know that the most valuable gift you can give yourself is improvement to self, I have made some changes that will help you achieve that.

For 15 years I have written a Monday Inspiration that I love doing. However, I know it is not enough to just be inspired, we all need ways to take action in our lives in a way that nourishes our well-being. At whatever point you are in your life, it is fair to say that you have weathered your fair share of disappointments, hurts, loss and even betrayals. I believe that the most important thing we can all do is to look deeply into ourselves and transform anything that holds us back from our dreams and aspirations.

I believe this so strongly that it is the premise of my new book out this summer. It will give you:

Powerful questions to help you explore areas of your life more deeply

Tools to navigate life easier

Teachings about acceptance, forgiveness, letting go and many more

Each weekly post will be a sneak peak into my new book.

I have also added some new opportunities for you to grow and learn:

I now offer coaching by phone or Skype/Face-time

Pinpoint sessions: one and a half hour or two 45 minutes coaching sessions have been added to help you can traction in one area of your life.

Free downloads on specific topics

With 2017 almost behind us and 2018 upon us, it is helpful to close one year as we move into the next. It gives us closure and perspective about what we did well and were we might want to improve. Reflecting on the past year can be a powerful tool for self-growth. You can down load it here

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