• It is my mission to help you live the life you desire most. Together, we will identify what is standing in the way and create a path and a plan forward. Through compassionate listening and proven strategies I will guide you to make those changes, one step at a time.

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Coaching and Speaking

Coaching and Speaking

I can help you gain the courage to look at your roadblocks and create a path and a plan the gives you the confidence to make the changes you desire for your life. Through compassionate listening and proven strategies I will guide you to make those changes, one step at a time.

Published Works

Published Works

We are not able to change what happens to us, but we can change how we view it. Change Your Perspective, Change Your Life! is a collection of reflections focused on many of the life issues we all face. Each of the offerings is meant to inspire you, and help you see how you might make a positive difference in your own life.



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How Will This Year Be Different?

Today I want you to become aware that you already possess all the inner wisdom, strength, and creativity needed to make your dreams come true. ~ Sarah Can Breathnach


Awareness is so important because if you do not realize something, it is impossible to change it; once aware, you have power to make changes. If you want to achieve your dreams, reach your goals, or improve your well-being, you must first know you have the power to do it.

I know that this might seem like an easy thing to say, but much harder to do. My advice is to start with something easy that you would like to change, then ask yourself what small change you could make that would get you closer to what you want. Remember this is a process that takes time and attention, as well as an intention to make a change.

If this is a topic you are interested in let me know by replying to this email. If enough people are interested I will do a complementary video session on this topic.


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Pinpoint Coaching Session: One phone or video coaching session used to address one issue; It can be one hour and a half session or 2 -45 minute sessions.

One on One coaching: These sessions are done thru phone or video. If you are interested in coaching we will schedule a no fee half hour session before we begin.



Painted Mandala Stones Classes: From mid-January through February I will be doing classes in Cocoa Beach, Florida. Classes will begin in Burnsville/Savage area in mid March. I will keep my Facebook page updated as well.


GET YOUR QUESTIONS ANSWERED: or learn more about Personal Growth and living well. This year I will be doing video’s on the topics that people are wondering about. If you want something answered or talked about, please reply to this email. Dates and times will be announced here and on my coaching FB page.


Embracing Peace Now and All Year Long


Thanksgiving is almost here, and Christmas begun before we even finished our Turkey. I was thinking if we are so eager to rush the season, maybe we could make the peace and joy we yearn for at Christmas, something that is part of everyday living.

We must all find a way to find peace for ourselves but I think there are six attributes to finding peace. Over time focusing on these things will bring you closer to finding your own peace.

Practice Forgiveness: It is easy to forgive others for small grievances, but much harder to forgive the bigger hurts and betrayals. If we are in the practice of forgiveness, we have the mindset that helps to seek understanding and opens the perspective to see an issue from another point of view. It is about being unwilling to hang on to the anger, and seeking peace.

Seek Understanding: All too often we are married to our ideas and opinions, and will voice them at every opportunity. At times we talk over others to be heard, and pay little attention to the impact our opinions make. If we can take a step back and listen with the intention to understand, we might find we are more alike than different.

Watch Your Words and Actions: You might remember this quote from Bernard Meltzer: “Before you speak ask yourself if what you are going to say is true, is kind, is necessary, is it helpful? If the answer is no, maybe what you are about to say should be left unsaid.” Our intention is not to be unkind, tell a lie, or give our unsolicited opinion, but sometimes, for many varied reasons, we just do. Perhaps if we could slow down to think before we act, it would greatly change how we respond to others.

Take Responsibility: What if we could take responsibility for what we do and say in our personal and professional relationships? I understand it takes a lot of courage to face our misgivings, but isn’t better than spending our life hiding from it? I think it would heal a lot of hurt, and diffuse much anger.

Release Anger: Refuse to hold on to anger and hate. Sometimes we don’t even realize how much anger and hate we are hanging on to until it comes out in our words and actions. When our words and actions show anger or hate, remember that is what we are teaching others.

Be Still: Stop to listen to the voice of God in your life. Be still and know God is here.

I believe to live peacefully with ourselves and others, we must have alignment between our head and heart. When we understand that our words and actions have power, we are moving toward peace.

Taking responsibility for our life is what each and every one of us can do to change the world around us. Blessings to all of you as you walk through Advent and into Christmas.







Do You Make Fun A Priority?

You would think it would be an easy choice between working or having fun, right? Not for me! I was born and raised in Minnesota, a typical Midwesterner by most standards. I am also of the German and Norwegian ancestry. I’m telling you this because I, like many of us, grew up with a strong work ethic. In fact, in my family work always came before fun. So as many of you already know, the work is never done, which means the fun times are few and far between. An even bigger stretch was the idea that work and fun could go together and it was not an either or; both could actually happen at the same time! Who knew?

Given this strong work ethic that was hard wired into my brain, I clearly had something to work on. It was hard to move from making work the only priority to incorporating fun into the things I did. Even though I knew how important it was, I still found it hard to balance fun with work. Just as I had learned growing up, work was still first priority.  I knew that is not what I wanted and I would have to find a way to make another choice.

That is when I heard about the 50 Fun Things workshop. A friend of mine was going and although I was still skeptical I thought I would go and give it a try.

I enjoyed the workshop, brought home the 50 Fun Things Chart and laid it on my desk not quite ready to dive into it. Every now and then I picked it up and thought maybe I could add some fun to my life. I started small, but the more I did, the more I liked it. Before I realized it, searching out things that were new and different had actually became part of my life.

One of the things I searched out was how to paint the beautiful Mandala Stones that you see on Social Media. It took quite a while to find a teacher so I could learn how to paint them, but when I did had so much fun that I decided that others might enjoy this too.  That is when Painted Mandala Stone Workshops were born. I have loved creating these workshops and people are having such a great time creating their own stones.

I know for a fact, that if I had not made an intentional effort to seek out it out, I would have continued to fit fun in when I could. This helped me to change my belief that work is not the only important attribute to have. Even for someone like me with an embedded work ethic, this changed how I think about what I do and how I do it.

If you are interested in coming to a workshop I have two more this fall. Both are held at Jo Jo’s Rise and Wine in Burnsville and are $25.00. Register by replying to this email and I will send you an invoice to pay online as payment is due at the time of registration.

You can also check out my Facebook page – click on the events tab to for future workshops.