A Kind Response to Our world

As I sat down to write this article I couldn’t help but to think about how fast summer has gone by. I savored the memories about the wonderful family times and all the outdoor adventures we enjoyed but it also brought back into focus the violence, politics, terrorism and racism that has been in the news over the last three months.  In the midst of the fond memories, this was never far from my mind as I pondered by own response to it.

It is hard to understand the things that are happening in our world in the context of what we believe and what we know. The very nature of all that has happened has rattled our foundations. People are left to wonder what they could do or what role they might play in creating a greater or common good.

I was asking myself this very question when this quote came into my head and would not leave. “In a world where you can be anything, be Kind.” said by Lori Deschene on her web site The Tiny Buddha.

This quote has stuck with me all summer and I wondered how it might apply to the circumstances of our world and what it might mean for each of us. When I notice the people around me I see that people are generally kind. We hold the door for others, we say please and thank you and we are polite. These are all of course good things, but there must be more that would make an impact. With curiosity, I asked myself what deeper meaning could being kind have that could help make a positive change in the world.

The question came to me, what it might be like to embrace a mindset that brings kindness to everything we do? For starters, it would mean that we show empathy to those we meet who are struggling, rather than judging them. When we are late or in a rush, it would mean that we show patience to those who are slower than us. It might also mean that we would need to let go of being right or having the last word. So many disagreements happen when we let our ego have the upper hand. In this case, being kind might look like choosing to be quiet. Being kind can also look like saying I’m sorry or taking the higher ground in order to preserve a relationship or resolve a relationship.

Looking back over the last few months or even longer, I see many places where I let my ego get in the way or have not been as patient or empathetic as I would like to have been. Through this simple quote I have realized that with each interaction or lack of action, I have the responsibility to make the world more peaceful. We might not be in a position where we can change the bigger picture but know that when we create peace in the places we are, it changes the larger picture. ~ Blessings to you!

This was first published in the Savage Pacer on  8-6-16





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