Sandy Thibault – Life Coach, speaker and author

Sandy Thibault Life Coach Savage Minnesota



I have been inspired by the African people with their genuine love, care and concern for each other. They truly understand that relationships are at the heart of it all. Safari means Journey in Swahili, and they understand, as I do, that life is a journey. I help people make the most of their journey and discover their best life. – Sandy Thibault

Sandy Thibault works with adults who desire to live more fully in the present, be more creative in dealing with life problems, and broaden their perspective about who they are and how they participate in life.

She works with people who are interested in getting past negative emotions and beliefs. As a Life Coach, Sandy believes that people come with a vast amount of knowledge and inner wisdom.

We all have what we need inside ourselves, and with guidance, we can uncover those truths and change our life perspective.

Using a four-step process, Sandy guides individuals who are ready to explore their present life situation, along with its disappointments, frustrations, and even despair. She has learned that it is absolutely possible for everyone to move beyond the negative, one small change at a time.

Being aware of the things that limit your life experiences leads to a transformation that opens opportunity for a more enjoyable, fuller life. Confidently and confidentially, Sandy guides people from wherever they are in their journey to moving along a path toward the life they want. Identification of personal goals and specific strategies to achieve those goals are essential to her insightful coaching process. It’s a cooperative effort that works.

Sandy is a certified life coach, frequent writer for the Savage Pacer, and owner of Safari of the Spirit Life Coaching, based in Burnsville, MN. She is the author of Selma’s Spirit ~ A Story of Love and Forgiveness which relates her personal experience of healing from childhood abuse. As a frequent speaker for groups and organizations, Sandy shares her story in a way that inspires hope and growth.

Sandy began her career as a social worker and is trained in therapeutic life coaching, neuro-linguistic psychology, hypnosis, and Reiki Level II.

Sandy’s speaking engagements, classes, retreats and workshops focus on helping people align their thoughts, words and actions to create positive, uplifting changes. She is dedicated to helping people gain traction that enriches and energizes their lives and their relationships. With her guidance, people find their circle of support, make peace with their lives through forgiveness, and invite harmony and authenticity into their lives.