Are You Craving A Simpler Way To Live?

I love the rock sculpture in the forefront of this picture as a metaphor for life; some things are a focus point and others are in the background.  It reflects to me what you get when you decide to make changes that simplify your day to day choices about how to live. What you value comes to the forefront and becomes the basis for your choices, everything else is in the background.  It’s true, there are some things we don’t have a choice about, but there are also a lot of choices we make every day that we are not even aware of, and we do have choice about those. Tsh Oxenreider, author of The Art of Simple Blog, puts it nicely in these words.

Do the choices I make line up with how I really want to live? It is about living life instead of life living us – one small choice after another, day after day, month after month, year after glorious year. It is about living with intention.

My question to you is simple:

Are the choices you make each day lining up with what you want for your life?

What choice can you make for yourself today that will bring you closer to that?  

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