Awareness Is the First Step

“The most common voice you hear in your head is your inner critic. You have two choices: you can live with what you have, or you can take responsibility for the life you have and change it.” – Sandy Thibault

I was listening to a podcast about personal growth and one person posed this question; do you believe that today will be the same as tomorrow? I think that most people like things to stay the same, and there is nothing wrong with that. We crave structure and routine to define our days and help us to feel productive. There is no shortage of business and personal growth books that will tell you the benefits of this discipline. But what happens when the discipline that is supposed to help us be productive, begins to feel more like being stuck?

The truth is once we realize that what we are doing is not working for us, we then have the opportunity to change it. This is called awareness and with it, we can make a new choice of how we want to think or what we want to do.

There is comfort in staying with what we know, yet we yearn for something to be different. When you realize this, it is helpful to take a step back to self-reflect. Ask yourself, do you believe you have the power to make a change? Are you able to move forward by taking a small step even if you are afraid?  Can you begin to visualize how your life will be different when you make this change? Taking a step back to reflect will help you understand yourself better, which helps you learn why you do what you do. Again, that is the awareness that leads to change. Once you understand this, it is very hard to stay the same.

Life is a journey comprised of many steps on our personal path that takes us down a winding road of constant evolution. And each day, we are provided with a myriad of opportunities that can allow us to transform into our next best selves. One moment we are presented with an opportunity to react differently when yet another someone in our life rubs us the wrong way; on another day we may find ourselves wanting to walk away from a particular circumstance but are not sure if we can.

I think right now we are experiencing a new normal after Covid. We desperately want to get back to the way things were before, but we might be sure of what normal means to us anymore.  Einstein says that the same mind that created the problem cannot solve it. That is why awareness is so important. When we can begin to pay attention to our thoughts, actions, and reactions we are empowering ourselves to make another choice that better serves us. It is our journey to discover what we want and our responsibility to get it for ourselves.

There is freedom but also a power that comes with awareness. Once we realize that we don’t have to stay in a repetitive cycle where there is no escape, we begin to see that we are co-creators in how we want our lives to play out. We get to choose to move beyond old limits, take new actions and choices and move our life into new opportunities and experiences. It is through this kind of awareness and willingness to change that we create a life that is authentic and constantly evolving.

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