Believe in Your Own Success!

Yesterday, I participated in my monthly Mastermind group. I never miss attending because I know that I will always find nuggets of inspiration and wisdom from the group. Yesterday was no different.


Everyone in the group talked about their business and what was going well. I think we are much more inclined to talk about what does not work, rather than what does, so it felt like a breath of fresh air. After we had each shared, one of the members offered this bit of wisdom; success always leaves clues. Think about how powerful that statement is. We were challenged to look at our process and the steps we took that led to the success. Doing this process is both powerful and insightful.


Success in any area of our life is not this magical thing that just appears, it happens because we have done things that support our success. We don’t often think about the steps we have taken that help us achieve what we want, but when we break it down, we can see the steps that guided and supported us.


When I work with clients, we always talk about the steps and processes they can use to set themselves up for success. Believe it or not, we don’t give this much thought. Instead, we attempt to make too big of a change or a take a step that is not realistic or sustainable, then criticizing ourselves for failing.


Everyone is excellent at something and when you discover what your steps are, they can be applied  to any area of your life.  I call this Modeling Your Own Excellence and is an essential life skill.


I am sharing this with you, because as we begin to emerge from the pandemic many people feel like they have lost their confidence, or they feel lost when it comes to moving forward. You can make any change in your life that you desire, as long as you remember that you are wise, smart and successful.


I love to talk about how you can model your own excellence, or have questions, reply to this email so we can set up a phone conversation.






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