Grace: A Healing Balm

 “Salvation happens every time someone with a key uses it to open a door he could lock instead.” – Barbara Brown Taylor

We each hold the key, and the door she is talking about is the door to our hearts. Salvation is the grace that we extend to ourselves and others in the process of opening ourselves to what life has to offer.We are both the person who can open a door and the person who can lock it.

We each can hold grace like a healing balm for your hearts as it opens the door that transforms our lives and relationships. Moving into a heart centered way of being allows us to feel what we may not be able to see, to see ourselves as God sees us.

I would invite you to extend grace to yourself and someone else today. You hold the key to peace and joy, use it to open doors to a grander vision for yourself and others than you ever imagined.


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My Question To You Is….

Everyday life brings about changes that like it or not, are constantly whittling away at the things that don’t fit, sometimes this happens by what we do, but often it is by what happens to us.  My question to you is, what changes have occurred for you and what parts of yourself are you re-building?

Being clear about what you are rebuilding in your putting is a gift you give yourself.
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Pressing the STOP button

Learning to create a pause between our thoughts and actions is a powerful tool to help us navigate life.  It is something that is always available to us that is simple, but at the same time profound.

We have all been there in that moment when we have had a negative reaction to something we have read, heard or experienced and have responded in a way we later regret. This connection between action and reaction happens to us in a matter of seconds and is recognized by the emotion it triggers in us.

Our brain labels these emotions based on the past experiences we have had in our past. Seeking to make meaning of this negative reaction, our mind compares it to other such experiences we have had and we feel it as anger, pain, hurt or a host of other emotions. This cause and effect scenario results in responding in ways that do not serve anyone.

Unless we make a change it can feel like we are stuck in a negative pattern. Creating a pause is to allow space between what happened and how we respond to it. This space that we give ourselves, allows us to stop and reflect how we want to be in the situation at hand, and that allows us to respond in a way that is healthy.

I know that this is easier to talk about than do since it is not our natural way to respond. However, it is one of the most important tools I teach my clients because it frees them from being at the mercy of negative thought patterns and allows them to have control over how they choose to respond.


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Happy Easter

“The great gift of Easter is hope – Christian hope which makes us have that confidence in God, in his ultimate triumph, and in his goodness and love, which nothing can shake.”  ~ Basil Hume

Blessings to you this day!



The Sky is the Limit

Choices occur in the moment, yet their consequences continue for a lifetime. Each choice is a powerful lever, and with slight present effort can alter your future by a million miles.  ~ Ralph Marston

I love synchronicity when it shows up in my life. I’m not sure if it is always there and we just don’t see it or if it comes and goes. Last night I was talking to my son about this very idea when this quote showed up in my in box this morning.

He was talking to me about perusing his Masters degree and was asking if the college he gets it from gives him an edge to get interviewed for a management job. He was talking with a colleague who is applying for a job as president of a major hospital. He told Chris that when he was considering his education, he never thought in a million years that he might have this opportunity, and if he could do over, would have made a different choice of schools.

I’m not looking to answer that question, and that is not the point, it is instead about do have have the foresight to realize and believe that the sky is the limit for what we can achieve? It does not matter what your circumstances are now, anything can happen when we are open to possibility.

Does the path need to be clear before we take it or do we set out in good faith knowing that our path will open before us? For me, I have found that each step leads to the next and when we can do our best to be open to possibility we end up in places we never dreamed of.

When we make our choices from a place of possibility rather than limitation we add energy to the process. I am wishing that for you today~


What I Want You To Know!

“Suffering is a moment of clarity, when you can  no longer deny the truth of a situation and are forced into uncomfortable change. Inside suffering is a seed of change.”  ~ Navel Ravikant

I’m sure you may have heard me say this a million times that people live with their suffering far too long. When the truth of something hits us square in the face it is a message that something is going on in our life that we need to pay attention to and resolve. However, most of us use it as a judgement against ourselves, making it about something we did or did not do. Worse yet, we make it about our being worthy or not worthy, or smart enough.

I would like to caution you to stop the habit of judgement against self and instead view this as an opportunity to learn and grow from. There is no reason to suffer any longer, understand what is needed and then move forward, leaving the situation behind you.

What’s New:

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The Benefits of being “Not Busy”

“Busy is a Decision.” ~ Debbie Millman

Have you ever meet anyone that has said they are not busy when you have asked them how they are? I have not! For most of us being busy is a way of life. I know for myself, I have not let a lot of grass grow under my feet; sometimes good and sometimes bad, I have excelled at keeping myself busy.

This year, my husband retired and we decided to spent 7 weeks in Florida. Don’t get me wrong, I love the ocean, the sunrises and walks on the beach, but I have to say that being away from my normal routine, friends, my clients, our cat and our community, has been a challenge for me.

I believe we learn from every experience and I realized it was my turn to learn about the idea of ” not being busy”.  Here is what I would like to pass along to you:

  • Straying from the normal routine provides a new perspective. I have found that things look different in new settings and new insights surface readily.
  • Having a slower pace helps to re-think the things that have kept us so busy. It provides an opportunity to make things different.
  • We are often too preoccupied to appreciate what is right in front of us. Every morning as I watch the sun rise over the ocean I can feel the wonder and awe in nature, and am appreciative for my life.
  • The slower pace, the time way, has given me a new guideline and perspective to follow as I go back my normal routines.

If busy is your normal, you might find that doing some of these things right where you are will be helpful. Stray from your normal routine regularly, do something you have never done, spend time doing nothing, decide what you can stop doing and do what is truly necessary.

I would love to hear your stories about this!  Email me here.

Angel Wings

We all have favorite places that we like to travel, some like the mountains, the dessert or the ocean. I am someone who loves the ocean. Every sunrise is so different, some start out cloudy and threatening only to have the sun pop thru and make for a gorgeous sunny day. There are turtles and jellyfish that have washed up on the shore and I realize the delicate balance there is in nature and in life. Watching the tides go in and out is also a marvelous display of God’s handiwork.

I have had the privilege of watching the sunrise every morning and wait to see what beautiful gift the tide has left behind. The beach we are on is not a good one to pick up shells, but still I go out each morning to see what I could find. Intact shells are a rarity to stumble upon so I was so surprised when a woman showed me her Angel Wing shell that was perfect. She said she lived near the beach and could find them anytime so she gave me the shell. I thanked her and felt like I had received a most precious gift.

I love metaphors and this felt like a representation of life itself. I don’t know if you have seen an angel wing shell but it is beautiful and I loved the gift I had been given. Every morning I continued to look for shells and several days later found my own angel Wing on the beach. At first glance it looked perfect, but when I bent down to pick it up, I noticed it was perfect in every way but it had a hole in the middle. Immediately I knew this shell was a better representation for what our lives are like.

God made us perfect in every way, whether we can see it or not. This shell was a reminder for me that everyone has had their share of hurt, shame, and grief to name a few. Often we let those hurts define us and color our perception of who we are. The angel wing I found, the one with a hole in it, is a reminder that if when we feel like life may have betrayed us, we must remember we are whole and beautiful, just like my Angel Wing shell.

Inspired Action: Make a decision to put your hurts aside for today and focus on all that is good and wonderful about you. Imagine your life as the Angel Wing shell. Perhaps you will be called to journal about it. 


What You Do Everyday Matters!

In our busy days and even busier lives, what we do every day often runs together. Have you ever thought back to what you did yesterday and can’t recall what it was? It often feels like we are running on auto pilot and not getting any closer to what we desire.

I know that what we each do every single moment of our lives matters and yet I know how hard making a change can be. In an effort to make those changes, we easily fall into the habit of doing the same old things, but somehow expecting different results. Simply put, Change requires intentional and consistent action on our part.

When I felt myself stuck in behaviors that were not moving me closer to my goals, my business coach challenged me to begin to pay attention to every thing I did. That meant looking at the attitudes I held, as well as my current plan of action. Slowing down and taking a close look at my path reveled many insights. Those tidbits of information gave me the clues I needed to begin making small changes to what I did everyday. These new actions and attitudes supported my goals that created  momentum toward what I wanted. This is true in our personal life as well. If we want to change something we must become purposeful in our actions to make that change. Below you will find a way to begin.

Inspired action:

  • Choose one area of your life or one thing you would like to change
  • Identify the current steps you using to achieve your goal.
  • Make a decision to change an old habit or way of thinking that is limiting you.
  • Try a new approach or be curious about a new way to reach your goal.
  • Write down the action steps!




The Message of Discontentment

The book Simple Abundance, published 23 years ago, is one of my favorite inspirational reads. I go back to that book more than any other because it speaks to the heart of what we are all yearning for; is to live authentically as ourselves, not some other version someone has created for us.

Setting out on this path to get closer to who we are and what we want to accomplish for ourselves takes some courage and willingness to take a close in-depth look inside ourselves.

20 some years ago I had no idea that this would become my path too. In fact, I was too scared to look inside and just wanted unresolved things to go away, instead they became more visible, until I had no choice in the matter. None of us like to be in the position of feeling like we are backed into a corner. I will readily admit that this was my own fault, I had nudging’s of discontent for years that told me that I had things to resolve for my own peace of mind however, I would always brush them away until I could no longer do that. One day the universe presented me with a situation I had to look at and I am forever grateful for the opportunity to heal past wounds and become my own authentic self. I wished I had not suffered as long as I did.

Most often what brings people to me is that something had happened that make themselves look deeply into themselves and they find they are scared and don’t know what to do. Once on the other side of it, they wonder what took them so long, but like me, they wondered why they had suffered in it as long as they did.

I have made it my message to teach people that it is not worth it to leave something unresolved for long. It eats away at our spirit and causes dis-ease in our life. Make a promise to yourself today that you will notice your own discontent and promise yourself to align your head and heart.

Inspired Action:  Whenever you fell discontent, it is a message that there is something that needs your attention. Take time to pay attention to those places. Ask yourself what you need to do to resolve what is bothering you and then do it.

Blessings on your day!

If you have questions about this process give me a call or send an email. It is my mission, I’d love to talk with you!

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