Living Authentically

Safari of the Spirit: One year old today!

One year ago, Safari of the Spirit was born! Even though I have been been coaching clients, speaking and leading workshops for over 15 years…this was a step into my own authenticity. This business reflects my life experiences and my adventures in Africa that I bring to my practice. Safari is the Swahili word for journey and I would like to say thank you to my clients, people who have attended my workshops and classes and my readers for being on this journey with me. It has been an awesome year full of laughter and tears, success and failures but most of all, I have been privileged to be a witness to all the transformations!

The picture above that says thank you cannot express how truly grateful I am for all of you! Blessings to all~

What Story You Are Telling Yourself?

I believe that the universe will always provide an amble opportunity to learn a lesson, often times more than once! I bet all of you know exactly what I’m talking about! It is our human nature and part of our history to relay information to ourselves, others and the greater world. Storytelling is a powerful way to pass on information that changes our perceptions in a positive or negative ways.

As I said, the universe always provides us with a way to learn something again and this week was no exception.

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Living Authentically: Everyone is Important

For a number of years I have had a collection of children’s books. I think they help us to remember things we have forgotten and call us to be more mindful of the world around us, teaching us important lessons. One such book that does that is, Old Turtle and the Broken Truth by Douglas Wood. This morning I opened the book and this struck me as an important message for today.

“First, my child, said the old turtle, “remember that there are truths all around us, and within us. They twinkle in the night sky and bloom upon the earth. They fall upon us everyday, silent as the snow and gentle as the rain. The people clutching their one truth, forget that it is part of all the small and lovely truths of life. They no longer see these truth, no longer hear them”.

“Remember this also, Little One,” said the old turtle. ” The Broken Truth, and life itself, will be mended only when one person meets another -someone from a different place or with a different face or different ways – and sees and hears…herself. Only then will the people know that every person, every being, is important, and that the world was made for each of us.”

I find a lot of wisdom and truth in this and hope you did too.

Living Authentically: Values To Live By

When was the last time you made a list of the values that are important to you and then put them in order of importance? I think almost everyone can tell you what is important to them but sometimes it is important to stop and identify what your values actually are and then write them down. This exercise can be eye opening because you may discover that even though something is important to you, your thoughts and actions may show something different. It provides an opportunity to align what you think, say and do.

“Your beliefs become your thoughts, your thoughts become your words, your words become your actions, your actions become your habits, your habits become your values and your values become your destiny.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

Here are a few values that I feel are especially important for all of us to practice:

  • Generosity: Are you generous with your thoughts toward others? Do you show yourself generosity? How about with your time and possessions?
  • Integrity: Are you true to your word? Do you tell the truth to yourself and others or do you say what is convenient and expected?
  • Humility: Do you need to be right, above others or always have the last word?
  • Kindness: Do you show kindness even when you are mad or hurt? Would you choose being kind over being right?

How do you think we might change if we practiced these values and what difference would it make to everyone we come in contact with? I don’t know for sure, but I do know it would most certainly add more peace to our lives and that translates into a more peaceful world. Blessings to you!

Living Authentically: Going Far Beyond

If there were several sentences that could sum up the work I do people, and at the same time convey a message of the magnificence that is the essence of each person, it would be this quote by Virginia Satir.

I want you to get excited about who you are, what you have and what can still be for you. I want to inspire you to see that you can go far beyond where you are right now.

All too often we caught up and bogged down in a story or issue that we just can’t quite move out of. Maybe it is something that we have known for a long time that we need to address or something more current that we are stuck in. From this perspective the same thoughts spin around and around keeping us stuck rather than moving forward. The more stuck we are the darker it becomes until our light is hidden from ourselves.

The light has not gone anywhere, it is still there waiting for you to uncover it. One of the most important things to learn is that perspective can move you from where you are into greater possibility.

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Living Authentically…Giving Yourself Permission

Every year about this time, the Watch Me Grow bulb planters come out, and every year I get one. This year as it sits on my window seat, I realized it is a metaphor for this journey toward peace, joy and harmony that we are on. Each and every one of us have challenges and life experiences that get in the way of what we want most. These challenges often bring suffering, but at any given time and in any given situation, we get to choose how we will respond. With that choice comes the ability to make a change how we view our life experiences; and we are the only person that can do that. It is said best in the quote below:

” If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change” ~ Wayne Dyer

Every day, my bulb garden grows and changes and I get so excited to see what is coming next! I wonder what would happen if we could give ourselves permission to be curious about the changes we are making? What if we could just trust that what we are going through is part of the process? Maybe we could look at life through the eyes of wonder and how would that enrich our lives?

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Living Authentically…A Compassionate Look

In coaching school, I learned the following principal of the Therapeutic Coaching Program. In fact, it was one of the core teaching ideas and it was this:

People always do the best they can in any given situation, with the resources they have available to them at any given time.

When we are in relationship with others we can come up against times when behavior and/or actions, either of others or ourselves, are disrespectful, out of integrity and away from acting in a way that is kind and respectful. Either way, we justify it by thinking how dare they treat me that way or they had it coming! This kind of thinking leads into a cycle of judgement of ourselves and others that serves no one.

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Living Authentically…The Blessings Jar

I think we would all agree with the idea that we are richer and more affluent than many in our world. However, sometimes in the struggles of daily living or when we have more dark days than light, we have trouble seeing that there is hope and light in the world. At times like this it is hard to connect to the blessings that we already have.

Brene Brown says it so well when she said, ” It seems that gratitude without practice may be a little like faith without works – it’s not alive.

Acknowledging what we are grateful for, or calling to mind the blessings in our life changes the lens that we use to view our life thru. It can help us move from struggle to ease and from dark into light.

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