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Hello September!

Our Ability to transform what we are given is our greatest skill and most treasured asset. -Sandy Thibault

Whether you have kids going back to school or not, the beginning of September is the beginning of different routines; many view it as a new beginning, maybe that is why it is called Self-Improvement month. I happen to love September but I also love to start fresh, to find better ways to do things and foster new perspectives that will allow me to navigate life in a way that makes be not only happier but more at ease.

I know one thing for sure, and that is we all have obstacles in our way that determines how we live life and how satisfied we are doing it. What we have in common, is that we would like to navigate our life struggles easier, have relationships that are not strained and that things can be drama free.

I know that this may sound hard, but not if we take it one step at a time. What we believe, what we think and how we act toward something negative can be changed if we take it one step at a time. A good place to begin is by asking yourself this question>

If you could overcome or make a significant difference to overcome one obstacle, what would that do for your confidence?

I promise you it will be worth your time to consider this questions!

Change Your Perspective, Change Your Life -52 Inspiring ways for YOU to take action is available now. If you can make it to the book signing but would like a copy just send me an email and I will send you an invoice you can pay on line and I will send you a autographed copy. The book is $15 and $3 shipping.

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Book Launch Celebration!

Change Your Perspective Change Your Life – 52 Inspiring ways for YOU to take action, has been a labor of love for me and I am pleased to let you know that is is completed. Each of the offerings in the book is meant to inspire, and help you see how you might make a positive difference in your own life. This is an invitation to YOU to come and help celebrate, I hope you can join us.

Book launch and signing will be:

Monday, September 24 from 5:30 – 7:30 PM

Jo Jo’s Rise and Wine Meeting Room – 12501 Nicollet Ave. – Burnsville, MN 55378

Can’t attend but want a book? No worries! Respond to this email with the following information:

  • Name and address where you want the book mailed (U.S. only)
  • How many books you would like. Each book is: $15 and $3 each for mailing
  • Let me know if you would like to mail me a check or if you would like me to email you an invoice that you can pay online
  • After payment is complete, I will let you know when your autographed copy is sent.

The book will also be available on Amazon in both a paperback and kindle version by 9-15-18

Taking A Break

Sometimes it is necessary to put some things on hold in an effort to make progress in other areas ,so I had to make a hard decision. I have decided I will be taking a summer break from the weekly inspirational emails I send out. Don’t worry, you will still be receiving them, but every two to three weeks instead of weekly.

I’m doing this because I have two book projects that I am working on and hopefully they will done by summers end. One book is called, It’s Your Life, Make It Extraordinary and the other is a collection of the inspirational reflections that I have been doing for the last 15 years. I am very appreciative for all of you reading and supporting my blog.

I would love your feedback on several things which you can do by replying to this email.

  • If you have enjoyed these emails and would like to write a testimonial about how they have helped you, I would appreciate that.
  • Also if there is anything you want included in either book please let me know.

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Happy Memorial Day and have a great holiday!





Fast and Easy Self-Care Rituals

Move Your Body: When you feeling down or stuck in a negative mood, the quickest way to make a change is to get up and move. Go for a short walk outside if possible or walk around the building. This movement helps to change the state of your mind and of your body. Think about as you walk you are moving forward and embrace a mindset that allows the negative thoughts to move you out of the mood you are in.

Dress better than you feel: If you have a hard day ahead of you or you are feeling less than awesome, it helps to wear something that is comfortable and you feel good in.

Use the “even though” principal: Often when we are afraid or not feeling confident in something we want to do, this fear or negative thinking will stop us from doing it. In this principle you to acknowledge and honor how you are feeling about something you want to do and move forward anyway.  For example: Even though I am afraid I can’t do it good enough,  I will do it anyway. This is a powerful way to recognize that we can have control over what we think and move into a more powerful way of being.

Breathe: When we get anxious we often breather shallow without even realizing it. Take several deep breathes from the belly and blow out slowly. Do this several times until you can feel your body let go.

Stop and Pause: When we are in a situation that leaves us mad or upset, instead of lashing out or doing something we might regret later, STOP and take a PAUSE to reflect on how you might want to handle the situation. Everyone can identify what it feels like when you get triggered and responding from this place does not allow you to be proactive in the situation. I can assure you that if at that moment you can create this PAUSE you will craft a better response that actually help you rather than hinder you.

Put your best foot forward: Pay attention to your negative thinking and do everything in your power to reframe these thought into something positive.  When you are able to monitor your thoughts and make them positive you are actually making the decide to feel better.

If you find that you could use some help with this please give me a call. I offer a “no fee” half hour phone coaching call.

I would love to hear from you. Email me here.

Have a great day!


When Was The Last Time You Felt Like A Million Dollars?

I am hoping you will say a lot, but I fear that you might not remember when the last time was. For many of us, we were taught from an early age how to be, and it was usually proper and reserved.

So this part of ourselves is buried way down inside and we may even fear it is gone altogether, but I assure you it is not. Sometimes it just takes a little excavation and the mindset that you will give herself permission to find it and revel in it.

I often talk to clients about what makes them feel special or like a million dollars as a way to help them get in touch with those parts we keep hidden. The picture above is the result of asking just that question. It worked…she reported feeling million dollars in those red stilettos!

Red stilettos are not for everyone, but finding this part of you is! I am often heard saying…everyone needs a pair of red shoes but it does not need to be one thing in particular, it just needs to be getting in touch regularly with brings you sheer delight, whether it is red stilettos or something else.

I hope you go for it….dig down deep and find what it is that makes you feel like a million dollars!

Grace: A Healing Balm

 “Salvation happens every time someone with a key uses it to open a door he could lock instead.” – Barbara Brown Taylor

We each hold the key, and the door she is talking about is the door to our hearts. Salvation is the grace that we extend to ourselves and others in the process of opening ourselves to what life has to offer.We are both the person who can open a door and the person who can lock it.

We each can hold grace like a healing balm for your hearts as it opens the door that transforms our lives and relationships. Moving into a heart centered way of being allows us to feel what we may not be able to see, to see ourselves as God sees us.

I would invite you to extend grace to yourself and someone else today. You hold the key to peace and joy, use it to open doors to a grander vision for yourself and others than you ever imagined.


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My Question To You Is….

Everyday life brings about changes that like it or not, are constantly whittling away at the things that don’t fit, sometimes this happens by what we do, but often it is by what happens to us.  My question to you is, what changes have occurred for you and what parts of yourself are you re-building?

Being clear about what you are rebuilding in your putting is a gift you give yourself.
If you would like to talk more about this, please email me or respond to this email and we can set up half hour to talk…at no charge to you.  I’d love to hear from you!

Happy Easter

“The great gift of Easter is hope – Christian hope which makes us have that confidence in God, in his ultimate triumph, and in his goodness and love, which nothing can shake.”  ~ Basil Hume

Blessings to you this day!



The Sky is the Limit

Choices occur in the moment, yet their consequences continue for a lifetime. Each choice is a powerful lever, and with slight present effort can alter your future by a million miles.  ~ Ralph Marston

I love synchronicity when it shows up in my life. I’m not sure if it is always there and we just don’t see it or if it comes and goes. Last night I was talking to my son about this very idea when this quote showed up in my in box this morning.

He was talking to me about perusing his Masters degree and was asking if the college he gets it from gives him an edge to get interviewed for a management job. He was talking with a colleague who is applying for a job as president of a major hospital. He told Chris that when he was considering his education, he never thought in a million years that he might have this opportunity, and if he could do over, would have made a different choice of schools.

I’m not looking to answer that question, and that is not the point, it is instead about do have have the foresight to realize and believe that the sky is the limit for what we can achieve? It does not matter what your circumstances are now, anything can happen when we are open to possibility.

Does the path need to be clear before we take it or do we set out in good faith knowing that our path will open before us? For me, I have found that each step leads to the next and when we can do our best to be open to possibility we end up in places we never dreamed of.

When we make our choices from a place of possibility rather than limitation we add energy to the process. I am wishing that for you today~


What I Want You To Know!

“Suffering is a moment of clarity, when you can  no longer deny the truth of a situation and are forced into uncomfortable change. Inside suffering is a seed of change.”  ~ Navel Ravikant

I’m sure you may have heard me say this a million times that people live with their suffering far too long. When the truth of something hits us square in the face it is a message that something is going on in our life that we need to pay attention to and resolve. However, most of us use it as a judgement against ourselves, making it about something we did or did not do. Worse yet, we make it about our being worthy or not worthy, or smart enough.

I would like to caution you to stop the habit of judgement against self and instead view this as an opportunity to learn and grow from. There is no reason to suffer any longer, understand what is needed and then move forward, leaving the situation behind you.

What’s New:

I have been working on my new book about Navigating Life and have been doing complementary intro sessions by tele-class or individual phone call.  The next tele-class will be late March or early April. If you would like to take me up on my offer of a 30 minute free session, please respond to this email. I would love to talk with you!

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