Are You Struggling With Life?

“Be impeccable with your word.

Speak with integrity.

Say only what you mean.

Avoid using the Word to speak against yourself or to gossip about others.

Use the power of your Word in the direction of truth and love.”
— Don Miguel Ruiz

When our thoughts, words or actions are out of alignment, we find ourselves in a struggle. It can be as easy and as hard as taking a reflective look inside. The mind, body and spirit want to live in harmony and we are not meant to struggle.  If you find yourself stuck and need of some help, coaching can help move through negative thinking so you can believe in yourself again.

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Do You Believe In Yourself?

The love of what you do, combined with your belief in what you do, will not determine your success. It will determine how hard you will work and dedicated you will be to achieving it.” – Jeffrey Gitomer

Reflection: When people tell me what they believe I never doubt them. I have learned that whatever they believe is the absolute truth to them and if they think they can do something, they do. Unfortunately, the opposite is also true. If you don’t believe you can, it will be very difficult, if not impossible to achieve. I urge you today to take one of your negative beliefs and challenge them. When you are courageous enough to move past one way of thinking, you have the perspective that allows the negative thoughts to melt away and you can see the possibilities.

Lessons To Live By

Our ability to transform what we are given is our greatest skill and most treasured asset. 

– Sandy Thibault

  • Practice forgiveness
  • Seek understanding first
  • Be kind
  • Take responsibility for what you say and do
  • Don’t hold on to anger
  • Learn to “Be Still”

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What Will Change for You When the Pandemic Is Over?


In all aspects of my life, I must ask myself: What really matters, what brings me joy, and what brings me to the fullest expression of who I am?

I think the question posed above, is an interesting question since it was not that long ago when we were just concerned with learning to master the day! But we did it, and if nothing else, we realized we are resourceful and resilient people as we learned how to live, work, and play while social distancing.

However, now the social distancing restrictions have been eased a bit as stores and restaurants have begun to open, giving us hope that we can begin to see that there will be an end to this pandemic.

I recently read an article in the New York Times about what historians tell us about how pandemic’s end. They cite that they end in one of two ways, either a medical end is found, meaning a medical intervention halts the spread of the disease, or there is a social end to the pandemic when people find a way to live with it.

Since the virus still has not hits its peak in Minnesota, and we are beginning to slowly re-open without a vaccine, each of us will have to figure out what makes sense for our own safety and well-being.

I know all of us will find the path that works best for us but what about the long-range changes?

  • Some predict that more people than ever will work from home, will that be possible for you?
  • Perhaps through this time at home you have done some soul searching and realized you want to change some aspect of yourself or how you live.
  • Or maybe you have decided that you want to live a life that is more authentic and in alignment with the values and the things you care deeply about.

This time of “stay at home” has given us the time and space to delve deeper into what we want for our lives and discern what is important. To find what really matters to us, we need to look beyond the usual answers. We need to be willing and able to challenge what we value and believe – to discover if it is based on our truth or someone else’s. At your center is the place of heart or God that is within you. It is the place where who you are meets the outside world. It is also the place of wisdom that if you listen, you can begin to discern what matters to you. Once you discover it, it will act as the center point of the compass pointing the way to a more authentic life.

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Everything You Need, You Have!

This is certainly an interesting idea now with Covid-19 and the shortages of products we are accustomed to getting. Making a grocery list is like making a  Christmas list. You put your item on the list, go to the store or arrange for pick-up, and are surprised at what is available and what is not, figuring out or make adjustments for what you did not get. We know that we are happy to have what we have, and are grateful for what we get. We take it all in stride with a grateful heart.

But when I wrote the chapter on this in my book, I was not talking about the physical items we have, but instead our ability and the inner resources we have to stay positive when things in our lives change dramatically.

It all starts with the mind set that we are enough. All of us have the skill and the positive qualities to be able to use our thoughts, words and actions in a way that will benefit our own well-being. All to often we are judgmental and negative to ourselves, rather than being kind and compassionate. When something bad or unfamiliar happens, even though it is a hard thing to do, it is very beneficial to our mental health to dig deep into ourselves to uncover the best of who we are. We forget that we have weathered many storms in our lives and have gained wisdom that we can use now.

Perhaps YOU have forgotten that YOU are:



  • What would be your top three qualities?
  • How can you use them right now to help keep you positive?

A business coach friend of mine always tells me that once you take of yourself from the neck up, everything else will take care of itself. Taking care of our thoughts by being aware of our mind set keeps us positive and moving forward.  If we can remember that no matter what, we really do have everything inside of ourselves to make the desired changes in how we think or act, we will be able to navigate our life with greater ease.


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Making An Emotional First Aid Kit

Yesterday, I did a Facebook Live (the link is posted below) where I talked about the importance of making an emotional first aid kit for yourself. We can do almost anything for a short period of time, however, when the time gets extended, it can become much harder to maintain our own well-being and keep a positive attitude. Collectively we are all trying to figure out how to navigate this new normal.

I have been asking people what they need hear right now and several people said they were afraid they might find themselves feeling overwhelmed, sad and discouraged, not able to stay positive during this.

Those are all normal feelings to have but it will not be helpful for us to dwell on them. I believe that rather than being fearful that this may happen and we won’t know how to get out of it, I think it is better to just plan that sometime this might happen, it’s normal and yes, we can have a plan to get out of it.  Living in fear does not help us to use the wisdom we all have.

  • Changing your thinking from “what if this happens”  to “chances are good that sometime during this time I will find myself struggling” is a mind shift that moves you from a reactive frame of mind to a proactive one.
  • When you are reactive, you are in fear and cannot use the wisdom you already have. However, when you are feeling emotionally strong and positive, you are in a good place to make a plan that you can use if you feel you are struggling.
  • We have a First Aid kit at our house because we know that accidents happens and we want to be prepared when they do. This is the same concept we can use to boost our own mental health.

I suggest that you make your own mental Health First aid kit. For example, my granddaughter can get over excited or overwhelmed. She is being taught how to manage her own emotions by having a calming corner. Sometimes she needs to be reminded that she needs to use it and other times she knows she needs it. In her special place she has activities that will help her identify what she is feeling and move past it. It is very effective and she is learning a life skill.

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Thriving Instead of Surviving

As we settle into a new normal, things might continue as they are for longer than any of us thought. With the idea of this being long term, rather than short term, I have begun to ask myself, how can I not only survive this, but thrive so I can be better than I am now.

There are some things I know for sure and that is that each one of us is stronger than we remember that we are. We are courageous, resourceful and creative to name a few. In our busyness we have forgotten how resilient we really are and at times like this, we must call on our inner strength. Plain and simple, it is to our advantage to take control of our thoughts and actions for the benefit of ourselves and others.

With that in mind, I’m offering some thoughts for all of us to consider.

When we have feelings of security, comfort, and safety we feel good and our brain reacts accordingly sending out good vibes, telling our mind and body that all is well. We feel positive about life and optimistic about our future.

When our need for safety, comfort, and protection is threatened, as it is now with this virus, we move into a flight or fight mode. We know that this state of being causes our brain to release chemicals that are harmful to us, adding even more stress and negative thinking. It is much harder to feel optimistic, and hopeful, with the knowledge that in the end, everything will be okay. When we feel threatened, we need to be reminded of what we already know.

When we are not able to change or control the circumstances, what can we do?

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Exploring Your Life

As many of you know, my husband and I spend 8 weeks in Cocoa Beach, Florida. It is lovely to be so close to the ocean, besides getting us out of the cold, it also disrupts the normal routine of daily living for quite a while. You might think that going to the beach might ever get old, but you do need more than the beach to fill your time. In fact, if you really want to see what this artsy town and the area has to offer, you must go exploring.

We have attended lectures on subjects we never would have considered at home, I have taken a painting class, given Mandala stone painting classes, learned about the space program, seen the Ponce Lighthouse and explored many nooks and crannies of this great area. In essence we expanded our horizons but trying out things that were new and different for us.

I have meet some fun people teaching my class and the idea of trying new things or making changes can be very difficult. They admitted that trying out my painting class was hard for them, but they did it anyway. That is how the conversation on change began. Drinking my coffee, looking at the ocean, I was reflecting on these conversations and felt the sadness at that the bigger changes they wanted  to make, they felt were out of their grasp. There is so much sadness that goes with being unable to do the thing you want to do.

What if we could explore a change before we make it?  I began to talk to them about the idea of exploring the change they wanted to make, try it on for size, just to see how it works, before committing to it. All of a sudden the fear went away, and there was excitement in their faces.

We all fear letting go of what is comfortable and familiar, even if it no longer works for us. The first step can be beginning to imagine the change by exploring how it feels to make the change.  This exercise will help to open one’s mind to a small step that can be tried out for a few hours or a day to see how it might work. Once you realize that you really can do it,you will want to continue taking these steps forward.

Exploring a new way to be must begin in your mind with a mindset of curiosity and wonder about what you will find. It is this exploration of a new way to act or think that leads to a fuller and more satisfying life.

Remember, have fun exploring new ways to be and to think!


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Your Personal Narrative

“I will write myself into well-being”  ~ Nancy Mair

I have kept a personal journal for most of my adult life. Not that what I have to say is so exciting, because it is not, but writing down what I am thinking about gives me insight into my own mental state. In my morning writing time I will write whatever thoughts are going through my head, what am I fearing and anything I am hanging on to.

I often find that the narrative I have in my head is far from the truth, or a least some distorted form of the truth.

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Anything Worth Doing…Can you complete this phrase?

I grew up learning that anything worth doing, is worth doing right, the first time!  My guess is that many of you learned something similar.

I began to notice this in my Mandala Painting classes. As I teach the technique, I explain that the idea is not to create something perfect, but to really give yourself time to learn and enjoy the creative process. However, I have observed how critical participants are of themselves and how they make judgments about their worth dependent on how they feel they did.

Is that true for you in any other areas of your life? As I saw other’s being critical of themselves, I also saw myself. It was a true moment of awareness for me! I know that I must watch myself because I do expect that I should be able to do something perfectly the first time, but I did not realize just how easily I had slipped into this pattern of negative thinking.

As adults, every day we are also daring to get life right, only to judge ourselves when we fall short and don’t always get it right the first time. When that happens, many of us take that as a judgment about who we are, rather than what or how it was done. The learning process should never be an opportunity to judge ourselves as unworthy because we did not do it right. It is best to find our self-worth in who we are, and how we approach life.

Being aware of something is 80% of the solution because if you are not aware of a problem you can’t change it. A shift in perspective can make all the difference in your outlook and your well-being.

Here are a few questions that can help you make a shift in thinking:

Inspired Action:

  • Identify places in your life where you judge yourself for not getting it right.
  • How can you be more loving and compassionate to yourself in these instances?
  • Adopt the mindset that your path and end result may look different than someone else’s.

Remember to be kind to yourself!


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