Change Your Perspective, Change Your Life

I believe that deep down we are all striving to live the very best life we can. However, because our lives are in a constant state of flux, it is essential to pay attention to the thoughts, feelings, and actions that these changes bring about. It is easy to get stuck in old thoughts or patterns that keep us stuck or otherwise limit our lives. When this happens it is important to take a deeper look inside, change what we can and then muster all the courage we have and take a step into our own life. This helps us to embrace a larger perspective for ourselves and for the world.

Even though we know it is important to pay attention to our lives, we do not have a manual that helps us find a path that works for us. I don’t believe that everything in life needs to be analyzed, but if something is bothering you that you cannot shake, it’s time to take a deeper look inside for answers.

One of the tools that I think is especially insightful and empowering is learning to look at things from a new perspective. This is the process of looking at what happened or what you are feeling from many different angles to gain insight and create a path forward that is kinder and more compassionate toward all involved, especially yourself.

One common theme that many people struggle with is something I call the “Not Enough” syndrome. Most of us have some version of that that informs us that we are not smart enough, thin enough, or have enough money. This idea is so deep-seated in our brains that it runs like a virus and informs our thoughts and actions. Once we are aware of this we can choose to see it in another way. For some reason, the negative things in our life carry the more emotional weight that weighs us down and makes us feel bad. So it is a matter of balancing the scales. For example, where in your life is there evidence that whatever bothers you is not true? What is this story without the drama? What other ways can you look at this?

I like to say, don’t believe everything you think because those thoughts keep you hostage. If you are looking for a new perspective allow your thoughts to become flexible, in other words, there might be more than one way to think about it and more than one right answer or way to solve it. Imagine if what you think is not right but a matter of reacting to an old pattern that was never true, to begin with.

When we allow ourselves the flexibility to change our minds and to open ourselves up to another viewpoint, our life opens up. I have owned a beautiful wooden kaleidoscope for a long time that reminds me that I get to change my mind. With the smallest twist, the image completely changes, and another picture emerges, not necessarily better or worse, just different than before. That can be a reminder for you too that when you change the way you think about things, you will open yourself to new possibilities that you never saw before. Staying open and flexible fosters more choices and creative ways that will help you navigate life with more ease and less stress.


Each month I will be hosting a coffee talk to talk more about Personal growth. This will be a online Zoom event and is a complementary offering. I will send a separate email with all the details. Let me know if this sounds interesting to you or topics you would like to see covered.




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