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Now What? How to Pick Ourselves Up


My mission as a Life Coach, is to teach people live with more joy, move past fears and move into the bigger life they see for themselves. In the course of living we sometimes get triggered by something someone said or an experience that happened to us. This starts a roller coaster of self sabotage and again we find ourselves in the same old pattern. So the question becomes Now What? How to Pick Ourselves Up.   The class I have coming up on Sat, Sept 25 is called just that!  We will explore this together and I will teach you how to pick yourself up and keep moving in a way that honors all involved. I hope you can join me for this powerful workshop. Registration deadline 9/18/16

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September Book Club

Last year the book club was a popular offering and after taking the summer off we will resume in August. Here are the dates for late summer and into the fall. You may choose to come to one or all.There is no charge for the book club but I ask you let me know you are coming due to space limitations. Contact me here.

Monday, September 19th 6:30 – 7:30 PM Tears to Triumph by Marianne Williamson



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