Fast and Easy Self-Care Rituals

Move Your Body: When you feeling down or stuck in a negative mood, the quickest way to make a change is to get up and move. Go for a short walk outside if possible or walk around the building. This movement helps to change the state of your mind and of your body. Think about as you walk you are moving forward and embrace a mindset that allows the negative thoughts to move you out of the mood you are in.

Dress better than you feel: If you have a hard day ahead of you or you are feeling less than awesome, it helps to wear something that is comfortable and you feel good in.

Use the “even though” principal: Often when we are afraid or not feeling confident in something we want to do, this fear or negative thinking will stop us from doing it. In this principle you to acknowledge and honor how you are feeling about something you want to do and move forward anyway.  For example: Even though I am afraid I can’t do it good enough,  I will do it anyway. This is a powerful way to recognize that we can have control over what we think and move into a more powerful way of being.

Breathe: When we get anxious we often breather shallow without even realizing it. Take several deep breathes from the belly and blow out slowly. Do this several times until you can feel your body let go.

Stop and Pause: When we are in a situation that leaves us mad or upset, instead of lashing out or doing something we might regret later, STOP and take a PAUSE to reflect on how you might want to handle the situation. Everyone can identify what it feels like when you get triggered and responding from this place does not allow you to be proactive in the situation. I can assure you that if at that moment you can create this PAUSE you will craft a better response that actually help you rather than hinder you.

Put your best foot forward: Pay attention to your negative thinking and do everything in your power to reframe these thought into something positive.  When you are able to monitor your thoughts and make them positive you are actually making the decide to feel better.

If you find that you could use some help with this please give me a call. I offer a “no fee” half hour phone coaching call.

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