I Challenge You To Try Something New?

If you were to ask me if I was someone that is motivated by challenges, I would say no. But when I look back on my life circumstances, I can recall many instances when someone would tell me I could not do something, only to have me prove them wrong. I did that because as someone whose whole life was challenging, it was the only way to move forward. We all face challenges but if we can develop the mind-set that they are there to either hold us back or push us forward, they can work to our benefit.

I have learned that every challenge presented to me has pushed me forward. In the writing of my second book I was given a challenge by a friend and editor to have the book done by the end of summer. If I was not presented with this challenge, the book might not still be done.

Sometimes we need to challenge ourselves, especially if everything is getting to feel routine and stale. A year ago, I heard a speaker talk about how challenging the last year of her life had been and she decided something different was needed. To change that she challenged herself to find ways to add fun into her life. What she had to say struck a chord with me so I began to challenge myself to find not only things that were fun, but were also new. That is how I decided to learn how to paint Mandala stones and now teach the classes. This challenge will pushed me forward into unexpected opportunities.

If I could leave you with a take away, it would be that I challenge you to try something new…it does not have to be big, just find something that gets you excited to try it! You never know where it may take you!

If you decide you want to challenge yourself with learning to Paint Mandala Stones you can find the registration information below:


Come and learn how to paint these beautiful Mandala’s stones for yourself. This is simple and easy, plus it requires no artistic skill or experiences. Painting these beautiful stones taps into your creative side and it is fun and relaxing. This is open to adults and children 9 and older.

Each class is $25 and includes: instruction, demonstration, handouts, a time to practice and then paint 2-3 stones during the two hour class.

I’m offering these classes in September & October: Both classes are the same so come to one or both:


SEPTEMBER 24 6:00 – 8:00 PM  THIS CLASS IS FULL with a waiting list


Class Held at: Jo Jo’s Rise & Wine – 12501 Nicollet Ave., Burnsville, MN 55337

To Register: Send an email to sthibault12@msn.com with your name, which class you are coming to and the best email to send an invoice to pay online.  No refunds

Class size is limited to 12 people so register early. You can purchase something to drink to bring into the class but please limit food items to before or after the class.

I am so excited to be offering this class to help people find ways to relax and have fun! It is much easier than it looks and you will love it and I promise go home relaxed! Want to come with a friend? Just pass this on but you should register together to be sure there is room for both of you.



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