Inspiration for Life: Are You Too Busy?

Are you feeling like your life is a merry go round that never slows down? My clients tell me that when this happens they have lost control and feel like life is living them rather than living life. This results in not enough time to do what they wanted or they had lost the purpose behind their busyness. Most of us are not able to change everything at once but we can all make just one change that will impact our life in a positive way.

Many years ago I decided to give this a try, so reluctantly I made the time before everyone else got up. This was hard, it was difficult to crawl out of that warm bed when I wanted to do was sleep.  However, I made the decision to begin anyway, not knowing that over time this became one of the most valuable things I have ever done for myself because the benefits were immediate:

The time helped me to reconnect with myself,  focus on what was important and find a renewed purpose in the things I did. What choice are you willing to make to be more intentional with your time?

Below are some sample questions to get you started but you may use your time in any way that feeds your soul.

  • Look at the day ahead, what do you desire more of, even a few minutes can help.
  • Decide what attitude or attribute you want to foster in the day ahead.
  • Where can you make a change that will benefit you?

There is no magic formula to finding a balance between between what you want and how you live but there is only one way to begin and that is by taking the first step.

Do you need encouragement to begin? Remember I offer a free half hour phone session. Email me here to set it up!


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