Inspiration For Your Week: We Don’t Do Perfect Here

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to volunteer in our granddaughter’s elementary school. It happens to be the same school where my daughter-in-law teaches art and I was lucky enough to spend time in her art room. Like other subjects, art is very much as process of learning and building upon that learning. I have heard her say over and over again to her students and our granddaughter…

” We don’t do perfect here, we do Process.” ~Lindsay Thibault

I heard her say it again on the day I volunteered. What a wise thing to say to these young children who were daring to be creative. They were indeed learning a life lesson that none of us are perfect we just keep trying and putting our best effort forward.

As adults, we are daring everyday to get it right, to find our self worth in who we are rather than the things we do. We are trying to do and be our best but because life is a journey, we fall short. When we fall short, we forget that life is a process and we don’t always get it right the first time. In those instances, what if we could say to ourselves: We don’t do perfect here, we do process. This allows an opportunity in that very moment for a fresh start and a kinder and gentler way to be in the world.


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