Is Spring Really Here?

During the final relaxation part of my yoga class, our teacher talked about how unpredictable spring is in Minnesota. It is often one step forward and several steps back, just like in life.

That felt like a true statement for me at this moment in time in my own life. When one thing was working well, several others stopped working and my frustration was growing by the day.  I consider myself a positive person but I can have negative thoughts as easily as anyone else. In fact, this one of the most common issues people have and the most damaging to our self-esteem, that is why I devoted a whole chapter to it in my book. If negative thinking is something you have trouble with try some of these ideas to help you turn them into positive action.

  • Create a mindset that empowers you.
  • Stay away from all or nothing thinking.
  • Don’t make assumptions.
  • Keep things in perspective.

I go into greater detail and offer more suggestions in my book, along with practical ways for you to take action.  Available on Amazon

A special request: I know many of you have purchased my book and if you are able I would love it you would post a review on Amazon for me. As an independent author it is the one of the important ways we can get noticed on Amazon. Thank you so much!


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