Living Authentically: Resistance

There is one thing I know to be true for most of us; we like our path in life to be clear and comfortable. We have an attachment to knowing how the story will unfold long before it does and we like things to be sure and predictable. When this is not the case, as it so often is not, we suffer greatly. During times of uncertainty we are left trying to figure out how things are as they are, and how to control our life to make it better. When in truth what we need to do just the opposite and stop resisting it.

I learned this lesson when I was 13 or 14, before I had any idea this was any kind of life lesson. 


I grew up with horses and in the summer my brother and I would get up early and ride our horses. We would grab only a bridle, slip it on and jump bareback on our favorite quarter horse. The sun would be just beginning to rise and the meadows we rode in were beautiful. After riding for a time at a leisurely pace, our horse would begin to gallop and then cantor. Without a saddle to put my weight in or a horn to hold on to, it could be a rough ride. I learned right away the secret was to move my body with the stride of the horse. Once I became afraid and tensed up, I was resisting the movement of the horse and I would most likely end up on the ground.

Times when we are not sure what is happening in our life are difficult and I am not at all making light of that. However, if we can stop fighting what is, we can begin to embrace that life has something new to offer us, even though it is different than what we thought. Perhaps we can begin to look at life through the lens of curiosity about what might be next rather than turmoil over what is in the past .

I learned pretty quickly that when I was afraid, I would get exactly what I was afraid of. When I could surrender to the flow of the horse or life, it is an exciting ride. In times of uncertainty I come back to this memory often, that is why I call it a life lesson. Life is easier when we can participate in the flow of our lives rather than resisting it. I’m urging you to not suffer one more minute and open yourselves to the wonder that life has to offer you. ~Blessings

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