Living Authentically…The Blessings Jar

I think we would all agree with the idea that we are richer and more affluent than many in our world. However, sometimes in the struggles of daily living or when we have more dark days than light, we have trouble seeing that there is hope and light in the world. At times like this it is hard to connect to the blessings that we already have.

Brene Brown says it so well when she said, ” It seems that gratitude without practice may be a little like faith without works – it’s not alive.

Acknowledging what we are grateful for, or calling to mind the blessings in our life changes the lens that we use to view our life thru. It can help us move from struggle to ease and from dark into light.

IMG_0281A client of mine shared with me, with permission, just how important it was for her to begin this practice. She said that it helps to call to mind each day the blessings she has received and helps her keep a positive spirit. The picture above is her Blessing Jar.

My hope is that each one of you reading this will find YOUR own way to call to mind how you have been blessed each day. I believe, doing so cultivates grace and hope in our lives.

Blessings to you,


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