Reflections From Creating A New Story

What a powerful morning as we explored the stories that we grew up with and the cultural ones that influenced our way of being. We spent time looking at which ones hold us back and limit us from being all we can be.

The truth is we all have positive and negative parts to our stories and it is important to honor both, as they serve us in different ways.

After looking at the power of our stories, looking the themes that no longer serve us and choosing to tell a new story about ourselves words such as: LIMITLESS – CHOICES -BE YOUR TRUTH-I BELIEVE IN MYSELF-UNCONDITIONAL LOVE began to emerge. Together we learned how to move forward learning from what is behind us, while embracing a new story going forward.

Participants help with a renewed sense of themselves and what they could create and the story that would guide them.

I want to leave you with this beautiful verse from one of the participants:

Today will be what it is – I will be who I am… – And both will be beautiful!



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