Reflections from The Freedom to Make A New Choice!

Last Saturday a group of wonderful women gathered to share their wisdom, learn how to change their perceptions, face fears and challenge the things that were holding them back.

They boldly challenged their assumptions about change, dared to dream about what they wanted for themselves and looked at what it would take to get there.

During the morning there were many powerful moments so it is hard to pick only a few to highlight.  Sue, one of the participants, pointed out that she uses a something called a Truth Check as a way for her students to check in with themselves and then added the question, what evidence do you have to support that? I suggested that would be a powerful tool for all of us with the added statement; and how old is that evidence because all to often we based what we think and say on old information we gained a long time ago that is no longer relevant.

GetAttachment (19)Another big learning from the day was to create a pause between our fears and actions. When our thoughts are informed by fear we will actin a way that fosters more fear. If we can create a pause between we have an opportunity to think differently and then make a more informed action.

At the end of the morning participants said they knew they could improve their own well-being, inspired, and could move ahead with a plan.

Most of all they all agreed that making changes bring Peace, Serenity, Joy, Liberation and Freedom to name just a few! Someone remarked that it is the best gift you can give yourself!



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