Taking Time To Breathe

This summer I have decided to take some time to breathe, reflect and discern where I have been and where I would like to go next. The catalyst for this was the realization that it had been one year since the counseling center I co-owned for 10 years closed.   I jumped right in to what I would do next without as much as a flicker of my eye. To be honest, I don’t think I could bear the thought of not having anything to be responsible for. The one thing I knew for sure, is that I can help people heal their lives and live into their full potential Safari of the Spirit was born. I have just had a one year birthday and I think it is good practice to stop, look and listen for new ideas and directions.

I have been greatly influenced by my mission trips to Africa, the work of several guru’s in personal growth; Brene Brown, Elizabeth Gilbert, Barbra Brown Taylor and countless others. I have also been inspired by the stories I have heard along the way, but most of all my clients inspire me every day with their courage to change the life they are living!

As part of this discernment, I have decided to re-read a few of my favorite books that have left an impression on me. The first book I’m reading is Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert.  So today, I’m reading on my deck, my favorite place, when I come across these little gems in her book.

In the chapter I’m reading, she talks about doing something just for the pleasure of it. She is not asking what will bring in the most money, what is most practical, none of those questions.  Just plain and simple, what gives us pleasure? When you take should, I have to or I’m obligated to out of the equation, how many of us really know what gives us pleasure?  That is something worthy of our time to find out.

The next little gem is an Italian word: Il BEL l FAR NIENTE which is an expression used in Italy and means the art of doing nothing. We are all way too busy and know we must slow down. This could be a perfect opportunity to remind yourself that doing nothing is actually a vehicle for new ideas. This is something I plan to be spending some time doing….creating a space to let new ideas enter in.

Another wonderful Italian expression is L”arte d”arrangiarsi –the art of making something out of nothing. Taking a few simple ideas and making them into something magnificent. I think our lives have become very complex and we have more anxiety than any other time in history. Of course some things we can’t help, but there are many ways to make our lives simpler. I want my life to be simpler and less complicated and part of what I will be doing is to find ways to do that.

I would love to hear from you…what inspires you?  What books do you love? I hope you will take a minute to make a comment below.





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