The Perspective of the Heart

Have you ever wished that everything in life was smooth and easy?

How silly is that question; of course you have and so have I! But what happens when we hit a rough spot, perhaps it is a life circumstance or a relationship that is struggling. When things get difficult, all our worst fears come to the surface and our thoughts lead down paths that are not helpful. Sometimes this leads to confusion that makes it difficult to discern between what is true and what is not. It alters our perspective and as a result we say and do things that are out of alignment with our deepest intentions. It takes us away from our best self.

Years ago, I learned this acronym for fear: False Evidence Appearing Real.

Often our fear seems bigger than life itself, but it is not the only thing that clouds our perspective when things are hard. We all have experiences and beliefs that inform us that point to who we are or are not, and who we should be, but often we forget the truth who we are.

Difficulties in our life cannot be resolved with the same consciousness that created them, therefore a larger and higher perspective is needed.

I believe, that is the exact purpose when life circumstances get difficult. It provides with an opportunity to look deep inside to our place of greatest knowing. In this place we can hear more than the words that are spoken and see more than what appears before us. It is this place of our deepest knowing that holds the most transforming power of all, and that is unconditional love. It is the love we have for ourselves when we fall back rather than stepping up, it is the love that we extend to our family and friends when they are not seeing all of who they are. From this place we can all hold each other in our humanness…how we don’t live up to what we are capable of and how we let our light shine. We are human and we all miss the mark allowing ourselves to be out of integrity at times. And when we do, we can forgive ourselves and let the light shine on the goodness we all have. This is spirit at work and a powerful place of healing and transformation.

In our society is is often just easier to leave when things get hard. It seems much easier than trying to figure it out and it is easier. When we stay with rather than moving from, using our heart as a guide, we find the true gift of relationship. One thing I learned from the people of Africa is that relationship is a high priority. When there are problems they do not stay unresolved for long. Whatever happened is talked about until there is an understanding suitable to both and then they extend a blessing to each other as they move forward.

The relationships we have are gifts to be treasured. I would invite you to consider resolving things with people where there has been a divide and offer forgiveness to yourself and others. Each day I make a promise to extend unconditional love to those around me, and let the mystery and power of love, guide, heal and transform. Sometimes this is harder than other times but having the intention to do so changes ourselves and others. I hope you will too. Blessings to you!

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