What Is Your Perspective?

Self-awareness helps you switch your perspective to a world view that sees solutions and not just problems.

I first learned about perspective while taking an art class in college. When the perspective was off, the picture changed completely. The same is true for us, when our perspective is off, our view of life and our ability to change it is skewed.   At times like this, our natural inclination is to narrow our focus to see the issue as a problem to be solved.

The more self aware we can become, the more we notice the clues it gives us. When life feels hard, I feel stuck and everything is frustrating, that is when I know I need to change my perspective.

Stepping back, pausing and taking a breath can begin the process of opening to a larger view. Reflecting on these questions further expands your awareness that helps you to align your thoughts with your greater good.

How does this fit into the bigger picture of my life?

Am I hanging on to something when I really need to let go?

What is the blessing that I am not seeing?

Do you believe there is good in the world and are your thoughts aligned with that goodness?

Remember, everything we do to create harmony and well-being takes practice and that is part of the safari or journey of your spirit.




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