Where Do You Get Your Moments of Zen?

We subscribe to a T. V. streaming service that has moments of Zen instead of commercials. In the place where there would usually be a commercial there is instead, soothing music and a calming picture.

This morning in Aqua Aerobics after a good workout, our instructor asked for quiet, turned on peaceful music and asked us to intentionally take deep breaths. As I did I could actually feel my body float to the top as I exhaled. It was such a peaceful way to end the class.

In this world where we think we need to always be doing something, what if we could make time every day to slow down and breathe? I teach my private clients the power of breath as a way to calm down negative thoughts and anxious feelings. It can also be used as a way to intentionally connect with yourself at any moment of the day. As long as you have a couple minutes you can find peace through your breath.

We are more than what we do. We are created Holy and divine and breath brings us closer to that reality. Know that who you are, what you do and what you say has power. When you connect to your soul you will be guided to be intentional with every word and action.

I hope you can take some time every day to connect to your breath and let peace wash over you.

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  • Marion Pelton September 13, 2021   Reply →

    Love this

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