Wise Words

I just love when things happen at just the most opportune time. I was just about to begin a new blog posting when I quickly checked my email. A friend and workshop participant sent me this wonderful message and it was so good that I had to share it. Do you think this was an accident….me either!

My friend added to the end of this...and hope comes from God. Enjoy these wonderful words of wisdom!

The most destructive habit: Worry.
The greatest joy: Giving.
The greatest loss: Loss of self-respect.
The most satisfying work: Helping others.
The ugliest personality trait: Selfishness.
The most endangered species: Dedicated leaders.
Our greatest natural resource: Our youth.
The greatest “shot in the arm”: Encouragement.
The greatest problem to overcome: Fear.
The most effective sleeping pill: Peace of mind.
The most crippling disease: Excuses.
The most powerful force in life: Love.
The most incredible computer: The brain.
The worst thing to be without: Hope.
The deadliest weapon: The tongue.
The two most power-filled words: I can.
The greatest asset: Faith.
The most worthless emotion: Self-pity.
The most beautiful attire: A smile.
The most prized possession: Integrity.
The most contagious spirit: Enthusiasm.
Worry. Did you know this word is derived from an Anglo-Saxon word that means to strangle or to choke? People do literally worry themselves to death – or heart disease, high blood pressure, ulcers, nervous disorders and all sorts of other nasty conditions. Worry can destroy your peace of mind. The best remedy? Remember that tomorrow is a new day, full of promise. ~ Harvey McKay





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