Your Personal Narrative

“I will write myself into well-being”  ~ Nancy Mair

I have kept a personal journal for most of my adult life. Not that what I have to say is so exciting, because it is not, but writing down what I am thinking about gives me insight into my own mental state. In my morning writing time I will write whatever thoughts are going through my head, what am I fearing and anything I am hanging on to.

I often find that the narrative I have in my head is far from the truth, or a least some distorted form of the truth. For example, if you don’t hear from a friend for a while, despite efforts to do so. You may begin to make up a story in your head that you said something to make this person mad, or somehow it is your fault.This is not unique to you, we are hard wired for story and so we make a story to go with the narrative in our heads. This is why we need to monitor our negative thoughts.

Getting your thoughts out of your head and on paper allows you to ask yourself some questions about the things you wrote down. With compassion and understanding, ask yourself these questions.

  • Is what I am thinking true? How can I re-frame them?
  • What else could be true?
  • Is there a idea or belief I need to let go of?

The very act of taking what is in your head and putting it on paper, gives you perspective and insight to change your frame of mind from negative to positive. When my friend and I did get together, the distance in-between had nothing to do with me. Thinking the worst happens often for most of us, and it is our job to monitor our thoughts so they can help us be our best selves.

Remember, what we think, becomes what we feel, and what we feel is how we act.


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